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School of PsychoSynthetic Psychotherapy


Four-year course of specialization in psycho synthetic psychotherapy:
SCHOOL OF PSYCHO SYNTHETIC PSYCHOTHERAPY Recognised by Decree of the Ministry of University and Scientific Research of 29/9/1994.


A – Psycho Synthetic Basic Education
Conducted by professors of the Institute of Psychosynthesis

B – Education on psycho synthetic psychotherapy
Conducted by S.I.P.T. professors

C – Education on general orientation and theory and on various psychotherapeutic guidelines
Conducted by professors outside the psycho synthetic area

D – Personal training
Conducted by a professor from S.I.P.T. through individual sessions

E – Practice
Conducted at facilities in convention with the school

Only those who have graduated in Medicine or Psychology can be admitted to the school.

Programme for the four-year course of specialisation in psycho synthetic therapy