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Journal of Therapeutic Psychosynthesis


The Journal of Therapeutic Psychosynthesis (new series), the official organ of the Italian Society for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (Società Italiana di Psicosintesi Terapeutica – S.I.P.T.) is bi-annual in the Italian language with abstracts in English.

Since 2000, the new series of the Journal offer areas of education and development not only for lovers of Psycho Synthetic Therapy in the strict sense, working in various institutions now spread worldwide, but also to all scholars and researchers belonging to any school or address which recognises in the assagiolian optic an open and vital space, where they can bring together and compare their thoughts freely.

The Journal presents monographic sections and sections devoted to aspects of theory, research, applications of Therapeutical Psychosynthesis, as well as reviews of books and magazines and a newsletter.